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          精神关怀 & Worship



          • 一个社区

          The Office of 精神关怀 & Worship is organized by the Chaplain's Office to care for students 和 facilitate community worship. 


          The Office of Spiritual Care & Worship offers crisis counseling and referral as well as spiritual, emotional, and social support for students. In the event of a student crisis, our Spiritual Care staff is available for student support, evaluation, and referral. The Office of 精神关怀 & Worship does not offer therapy, nor does it diagnose or treat mental illness, but it offers referral and support as an adjunct to clinical mental health services. The staff are available to talk with students about faith and life, and help students navigate the often difficult situations of Middle and High School years. Our goal is that students would know Christ as Savior and Lord and grow in grace and understanding of his holiness 和 love.



          上学校的教堂计划的目的是为社会崇拜,部长学生的需求的机会,并宣布基督的福音。 CCS工作人员和频繁的喇叭外邮件传递到学校社区。我们的音乐是由CCS学生好评乐队以及音乐客人从当地的教堂,学校和政府部门提供。教堂程序由一组学生和教师的牧师和教堂协调工作的组织。礼拜是当代,福音派,和广泛改革。

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